Delivery & Email Services

Comparison & Compliment

Tidbits & Details -

We deliver 1 Zone per day M-TH.  To make sure a Multiple Zone delivery is to the agents in the  timeline you need, please email us with your preferences in advance.  We will let you know the time frame we need the order

We deliver real estate related materials only.   

We do not deliver items that are smaller than 4x6

  • Delivery of Flyers and Postcards have Longevity & Generate Interest Beyond the Life of an Email
  • Well Designed Marketing Materials can receive more than a "Fleeting Moment" of Visibility
  • Flyers can be kept for Reference, Passed onto Clients and Utiliized
  • Real Estate Agents are more apt to Save a flyer vs. Email
  • Email "in baskets" overflow with promotions and listings, its hard to stand out vs. a Color Promotion Visible in the offices
  • Emailed Flyers are Cost Conscious and a Quick 
  • Emails are a Moment in Time to connect with your Target Agent Group
  • Flyers that are Straight to the Point, Eye Catching and Bold do well in Emailing
  • Flyers for a Specific Event are Great for Emailing and offer good Subject Headers to Entice Viewing. 
  • Sometimes a Fleeting Moment of Visibility is Perfect, the key is the Right Subject Header

Types of Delivery

Detailed Descriptions

  • Color Flyers  - Our Printer has 2 options: 
    • Quick Turnaround: 28# Bright White Paper with 1/16" white Border, 8-1/2x11.  a Pdf Flyer emailed to us for Printing works best.   This is our standard Color Print & Delivery. 
    • Gloss Stock Flyers on 80lb paper, can be full bleed.  8-10 day turnaround.  Must Specify this option when Ordering (Option #2).  Our default Color Print & Delivery is the quick turnaround.
  • B&W Flyers - Our Printer copies on 20lb white or color bond.    
    • Our Std Pricing for Print & Delivery is on White Paper, Color Paper is an additional fee.
    • If the flyers are Preprinted: pricing is based on Text Weight Paper (28lb or less) Color or B&W.  Card Stock weight is additional.
  • Postcards - We deliver your Preprinted Postcards.  Sizes from 3x5  to  7x9 are standard Postcard orders.  We do not print Postcards.
  • Counter Cards with or w/o Baskets - For New Home Communities and Brokers Opens, delivering 1 Per Office.  We deliver your Preprinted Countercards.  Currently due to Covid19 we are not delivering treat baskets.

Choices -

Evaluating the Cost of Printing vs Longevity Potential with Delivery is key to deciding of this is the right direction.  In constrast, evaluating the Short Life Span of an Email vs the Reduced Costs are key in deciding if Emailing is the right choice.  Delivery with Email can be the Ideal choice.  

Companies marketing services to real estate agents:  if your company is new to promoting to agents, it may take a few distributions to gain trust, visibility and begin to receive calls/emails for information and/or to place orders.  Additionally physical flyers can give agents the opportunity to hold onto your information for when they have the need to refer your services.